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Using a PAM to perform concrete chipping in a rehabilitation project is a no-brainer. The PAM has been designed to address safety and production issues specifically targeting restoration contractor’s worst fear   – concrete chipping.

Working with the PAM creates a win-win situation where you take care of both the wear and tear as well as the bottom line. Regardless of the parking structure type and the orientation of the spalled area PAM will consistently give you an edge on safety and performance

On top of the general benefits, using the PAM also means:

  • No need for your two-step scaffold and work directly from the ground.
  • Control airborne concrete dust with the PAM water mist device.
  • Avoid harmful emissions because the PAM is air powered.
  • Detail work around rebar is accurate and easy

Equipment pays for itself with the productivity increase, for example only a few thousand of overhead chipping is enough to fully pay for the equipment.

Keep in mind that the PAM easily handles many types of pneumatic tools such as chipping hammers, breakers, rivet busters, pneumatic hammers ranging from 15 to 35 lb, rock drills and hydro-demolition lances.

RNP PAM Parking Garage

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