There are demolition projects that won’t allow the use of large scale demolition equipment. Some of these restrictions include access limitations, bearing capacity considerations, accuracy requirements and maximum levels of impact energy.

That being said, handheld tools are still required to get the job done. However, the tools and task to accomplish are both labor intensive and very hazardous.

That’s where the PAM comes in!

PAM is an ergonomic piece of equipment designed to safely handle heavy handheld tools as well as getting the best out of them.

Here are a few examples where PAM was used to meet job restrictions.

Chimney/ stack: The challenge was to find the quickest way to tear down the chimney while dealing with access limitations (height), bearing capacity of hydraulic scaffolds and dynamic loads.

Masonry: The objective is to eliminate the masonry without damaging the back surface.

Cleaning: Removing the surrounding concrete from steel beams or columns without damaging the steel structure itself.

Tile  and mortar removal: the goal was to remove the existing tile from the supporting material without damaging it eg. concrete swimming pool, refractory, tunnel  overlay, etc…

Again, because of the PAM’s high versatility, there are countless other applications that have not yet been brought to our attention.

RNP PAM Demolition

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