It's a well-known fact that as infrastructures are getting older, concrete delamination will occur.

The rehabilitation of this spalled concrete involves concrete chipping which is labor-intensive, strenuous and an inefficient task to perform.

The PAM as been designed to overcome these issues by making the task easy, effortless, safe and efficient.

The PAM is compact it fits in a pickup truck or small trailer.

It's easily transportable to and on the job site

It's also lightweight, and can be put on a scissor lift,  telehandler, hydraulic scaffold "Fraco", quick deck, barges and on most access devices that can withstand the low dead load weight of the equipment.

As previously mentioned not only can PAM be used for concrete chipping, it can also be used for bushed surfaces, hydro demolition, anchor and dowel drilling, while eliminating the wear and tear on workers as well as making them more efficient.

Keep in mind that the PAM easily handles many types of pneumatic tools such as chipping hammers, breakers, rivet busters, pneumatic hammers ranging from 7 to 16 Kg / 15 to 35 lb  (29.5 Kg / 65 lb optionnal), rock drills and hydro-demolition lances.

RNP PAM Bridges

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