Faster and effortless
concrete chipping

Anyone who has operated a chipping hammer knows how tough and painful this job can be. Improving productivity while reducing injuries can be achieved with the P.A.M.

Operating the P.A.M. is effortless since it supports and positions the working tool. It is specifically designed to work on overhead, walls or inclined surfaces. We’ve kept it simple, install the tool on the carrier, connect the pneumatic lines and you’re ready to go. It’s as easy as it sounds!

Over 250 units have been sold in North America and contractors have experienced a production increase of up to 4x on average. The P.A.M. provides contractors with a competitive edge in terms of production costs and delivery time. The payback period can be as low as 3 months. The unique patented design of the P.A.M. allows the user to install a wide range of tools including chipping hammers, breakers, rock drills and hydro demolition lances among others.

Features & Specifications

  • Mount 15 lb (7kg) chipping hammer, 35 lb (16 kg) rivet buster, 65 lb (29kg) paving breaker (optional), rock drills, hydro-demo lances and other tools
  • Designed to push the tool against the surface, eliminating dead blows
  • Water nozzle for dust control
  • Air powered over hydraulic and electric
  • 96° swing lock hydraulic knuckle boom
  • 4 caster wheels and 2 removable 21” (53 cm) wheels
  • 3 outriggers for stability
  • Fingertip controls
  • Unit air consumption of 25 CFM (700 l/min) @ 90 psi (620 kPa)
  • Total weight without tool of 1150 lbs (525 Kg)
  • Frame size 31 1/2’’ X 72’’ (80 cm x 183 cm) without removable wheels
  • Self-contained, no harmful emissions



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